Friday, September 28, 2007

Bread for the holy communion

Tuesday night we had a late service in the Nidaros cathedral in connection with a conference we had on "food and trade - talks on sustainability and development". I was asked if I could bake some ecological bread for the communion and knew at once that my foccacia would be perfect.
Today I had a meeting with my publisher, the last one before the printing of the book. There was one page in the book where we still could use a photo, and one of these fitted perfectly. So here is a special glimpse for you - two months before the book is in the shelves (here in Norway, in Norwegian only)


Mauro Canas said...

Your Blog is a wonder to read on way before dinner - it give us time to get ingredients!

bluebird of paradise said...

a book how wonderful! i hope we will be given the name and where to buy it.........
my daughter is a writer she writes at