Saturday, September 22, 2007


It has finally been time to try out some of the secrets I learned during my apprentice night up in the mountains. The fish sauce which we served to the trout then had such a wonderful taste, my mouth was watering for days afterwards.

We are trying to empty our huge freezer now, to make room for the new meat and vegetables of the season, and when I found a packet of frozen salmon filets the other day I knew it was time to try out the secret fish sauce.

Yes! - the taste was just as good when I made it all by myself :-). No! I will not share it here. You will have to come to The Blue Café yourself. Give me at least a one day notice, and remember to mark your order "secret".


ardi said...

Oh Britt-Arnhild,
It looks so heavenly. I have some fresh herbs that came with the CSA and would love to know what is in your fish sauce. The piece of salmon I bought for dinner is on the menu today. I guess I don't know what all the "secret" part is about. But it's early and I haven't had any coffee yet.

see you there! said...

Hey Britt-Arnhild and Ardi, this must be the day for fish. I just returned from the fish market with Ahi Tuna Steaks for our supper. I think they will just be seared with a little black pepper, no sauce.

You meal looks very good tho.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Ardi, Darla (and Wendy Waterbird) secret will leave my lips. You have to come to The Blue Café to see with your own eyes :-)