Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I grow peas in my garden

For as long as I can remember I have grown peas in the garden. Usually we just eat them plain, right from the bush or as greens to give the dinner dish some colours. This year I have tried to use the peas in different ways.
In this green and blue dish I boiled the peas for just a few minutes in salted water and then braised them in olive oil. Before serving I sprinkeled them with salt and decorated the plate with blue borago flowers.

Again I used the Flor de Sal from Portugal. This natural salt is perfect to make the best out of fresh products.

I got a comment from Mr. Mauro Canas who sent me the salt, and since he writes more about the product I want to share the comment with you here:

Indeed, the french fleur de sel is nice but the Algarve Flor de Sal (Fleur de Sel) tastes and looks better since it's naturally white and with less sodium chloride (salt) concentration, so it's healthier.Terras de Sal Flor de Sal is produced in the Natural Reserve of Castro Marim and VRSA in a pollution-free environment. Everyone interested in more information should check or email us at

Our meal today was a family meal where we shared stories from our day while eating. I believe that just as important as good, healthy food is the time we spend together, and with everybody living a busy everyday life, the shared meals are getting more and more important. Our meal is finished now and the dishes are done. One daughter and her friend have left for handball and swimming practice, another daughter is getting ready for a soccer match. My husband has his well deserved afternoon nap on the coach, my nap today is listening to Schubert's Trout Quintet, and reading a few pages from Jane Austen's Emma.

Have a blessed day.


Mouse said...

Oh dear! I now feel duty-bound to send you a selection of French salts, please watch your post box Britt-Arnhild!

Mauro Canas said...

Dear Mouse: we know french salt/Fleur de Sell very well and by no means you can even dream of compare it to ours - it's like comparing a brand new Rolls Royce with an old Yugo! If you think we are exagerating, why don't you try it?