Sunday, September 9, 2007

A new way of preparings the moose steak.

When I travel, which I do alot, I am always in search of local food and new recipes. My visitation week a week ago was busy with quite alot of work, but you always have to sit down for meals, and when the food is good it is easy to talk about our food experiences and to share recipes. My friends know about my love of food, and lovingly share some of their secrets with me. After my experiences with catching the perfect trout and being allowed into the guesthouse kitchen to help preparing it, the meal that followed was filled with food talk. The dean who travelled with us is a superb chef - well, I haven't actually tasted any of his meals, but he has so many secrets to share, his cooking must be heavenly :-)
One night the dean and I talked about moose meat and different ways we use it. My uncle is a moose hunter, and we always buy alot of meat from him after the hunting season. Dean Inge shared a new way of preparing the moose meat with me, and now I have tried it myself and know that The Blue Café has got a new favorite.

From the freezer I brough up a frozen moose steak, I put it in an oven proof plate and left it in the oven at 80C for 12 hours. No salt, no oil, just the frozen meat and the heat. The girls and I went downtown leaving the steak and Terje, who was changing a window down in the basement washingroom, home alone. When we came home a tempting fragrance filled the house. In the night we were invited to friends for supper, and when we came home the 12 hours were over. I took the steak out of the oven and placed it in a huge pot filled with salted water, and left it there over night. (The water wants quite alot of salt)

This morning the cold steak was finished. We will have it for lunch with cooked potatos, cooked sweet peas from the garden and sweetened delicious deep red mountain cranberries. And of course a hot wilderness sauce to cover the meat. We couldn't resist trying a few pieces on our breakfast bread though :-) - and now we are all looking forward to lunch, Marta watching TV while waiting, Terje out biking, I enjoying my books.


carolyn said...

An intriguing recipe, now first I need to find my moose steak. I wonder could one use venison?

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I've had venison, buffalo, wild boar... but never moose! If we ever get some, we will have to try your recipe!

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy the Moose meat from?