Friday, September 7, 2007

Leek and carrot soup - purre og gulrotsuppe.

I have worked so much lately, and travelled alot through my job. May be most of the readers here also read my House in the Woods blog, but if you don't you can go here to see my wonderful fish story. With all this working though I was able to take today off - a wonderful day doing nothing :-). I had planned to take a long walk in the nearby forest, but the rain has been pouring down all day, so I just stayed indoors. Well, I took a short walk out in the garden, to feed the birds and the squirrels, to take the photos for my Blue Garden blog and to gather herbs and vegetables for today's dinner.
The leeks are growing. The autumn has been cold so they don't grow fast enough, but I took up a few to make more room for the others to grow, and with two carrots (not from the garden) and alot of herbs and flowers and some cream, it made a perfect soup.

I am really no expert in writing down recipes, I have it all in my head and my fingers only. But I started with cutting the carrots and leek very thin and boil it in salted water. Then I melted butter, mixed it with some flour and added water from the boiling vegetables, and also some cream, salt, pepper and herbs from the garden. It made a wonderful soup.
Marta was away celebration a birthday, and when Ingrid heard I was going to make leek soup she said at once: I'm going to eat with my boyfriend today. They were still here when the soup was finished, I offered them a tasting spoon and got them hooked :-). Luckily I had made enough soup for four.
Forgot to say that I also diced some old bread and fried the dices in olive oil. The bread was served as a sidedish to top the soup before eating. A perfect way to make old and dry bread as good as new.

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