Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I can eat books about food.

Some days I read cookbooks the way I read novels. Eating them from cover to cover, first the starter, then the main course, finishing with the desert and a cup of cappucino.

I have been too busy to try out new recipes lately, with the exeption of the moose steak on Sunday. Yesterday I was down in Stavanger for a day meeting and had lunch in a restaurant there, and skipped dinner. Today Marta had handball practice after school and wanted pancakes with bacon and blueberry jam before going there. I was home from work early and made the pancakes, and when she left for handball I was left with a long afternoon ahead of me. With all the rain we've had lately I was so sure it would keep on raining today, but suddenly the sun rays shone through my kitchen windows calling me to come out. I followed the call and spent a couple of very nice hours tending my potted plants and my roses. And before the dusk fell I took a few photos for The Blue Garden.

Now I am in again and darkness and a few raindrops are falling. And I have a night ahead to enjoy my cookbooks, and especially Falling Cloudberries, a book given to me by houseguests earlier this summer. And in between I have foxberries to clean - my parents came with a big bucket when I was out gardening.

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