Monday, September 17, 2007

Focaccia with Sal de Flor

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a company in Portugal. They produce sea salt and asked if I was interested in trying out their products. I wrote back telling that my Blue Café is not a real cafe, but if they wanted to send me some salt I would be happy to try it out. I got a nice email back, and a few days ago a package found its way to my mailbox. Inside was a nice letter from Mr. Mauro Canas from Terras de Sal, and a bag filled with flower salt.

I have been trying out the special flower salt the last days, and except from the reason that the bag contained some moisture which made the salt a little sticky, I love the flavour it gives. And I love reading about the old traditional way the company produce the salt - "the Flor de Sal is handraked and non-processed, and there are absolutely no additives. It is a product of natural purity, with a delicate flavour and prolongued finish on your palate; considered by the connaisseurs as the best seasoning for grilled fish, meat, vegetables or salads.

Here I use it to flavour a focaccia, more ways I use this salt will come. I might be addicted and will than have to email Mr. Canas for more samples :-)


Ardi said...

I bought little salt grinders (with salt in them) when I visited France with my sisters as gifts for my writing group back home. The French salt is very good too.

Anonymous said...
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Mauro Canas said...

Indeed, the french fleur de sel is nice but the Algarve Flor de Sal (Fleur de Sel) tastes and looks better since it's naturally white and with less sodium chloride (salt) concentration, so it's healthier.
Terras de Sal Flor de Sal is produced in the Natural Reserve of Castro Marim and VRSA in a pollution-free environment. Everyone interested in more information should check or email us at

Best regards,

Mauro Canas
Terras de Sal