Thursday, September 6, 2007

Treats from the herb garden

The summer temperatures are gone, every day now gets a little sun and alot of rain. Terje has been out in the garden raking some of the fast growing fungis today, while I took my regular walk in the herb and vagetable garden. Every dinner now has a bowl of fresh sweet peas and a plate or bowl with a colourful salad.

As I sit here writing my food blog of the day I am listening through my collection of old and newer Luciano Pavarotti cds. The salad we had for dinner today har so name, so I am tempted to call it Insalate di Pavarotti. Its freshness, its colours, its deep tastes, its artfullness and its beauty - all it misses are some black olives to symbolize the strongness of Pavarotti's mucical talent and voice.

Insalate di Pavarotti

Iceberg salad/crisp headed salad


calendula petals and one small tomatoe forming a center flower

borago flowers


extra virgin olive oil

black olives (not in photo)

Must be enjoyed with Pavarotti singing Annina! Donde Viene? from La Traviata :-) - or some other Pavarotti music of your own choice.


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Sounds like a delicious salad! My Pavarotti listening days go back to high school -- my art teacher played opera EVERY day during class!

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Britt. I enjoy Pavarotti's voice also.
Your salad looks delicious. I have scrolled down and looked at your previous entries and I must say you make your dishes look so interesting. I like how you use flowers in your dishes. So pretty. I know the Borage as well as a few others are edible but I've never tried them.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Beachy and Mountain Mama.

I always play music when I cook, and Pavarotti is often the one to be heard.

marita said...

such a lovely plate of herbs and the pavarotti salad sounds great!!

Dora said...

The salad looks lovely--almost too good to eat. I enjoy Pavarotti as well.