Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busy days and a chocolate souffle.

The Blue Café had a busy day yesterday. My parents and Ingrid's boyfriend came for lunch. It was in between two handball matches for the girls, and being one of their best cheer leaders, trying not to miss a match, I didn't have much time for preparations, and no time for photos. I served the leftovers of the moose steak from last Sunday, a colourful vegetable wok, grilled potatoes and a fresh focaccia. And lingonberry jam, always lingonberries to eat :-)
Ingrid had another handball match late in the afternoon, but then I stayed home with my apprentice (Marta). Marta had invited a few of her best friends for a girl's night and has spent the whole week planning the menue and decorating the livingroom.

When the girls came they were served taco and afterwards they all went up to my studio to play Sing Star while I stayed behind in the kitchen to work on the grand surprise of the evening - a chocolate souffle with hot chocolate sauce. When the souffle arrived at the table five excited girls wanted to have a taste as soon as possible - hardly any leftover at all for me, Terje and Ingrid :-) I was exhausted last night, but what a pleasure to cook for so many delighted girls. Yes, in my next life I will run a B&B. I will name it The Blue Café, and every morning I will sit with my pot of freshly brewed French coffee out at the Blue Table planning the menue.

Anybody interested in the recipe?


see you there! said...

Always interested in a new recipe. Both the souffle and the sauce please.

What a great time the girls must have had.


Wendy WaterBirde said... too : )

Alas, i'm pining for the fish suace recipe too lol...