Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rhubarb Soup with Chilli!

After two months away from The Blue Café blog, but not away from cooking and baking, I finally found time to come here again today. When I started this blog, a long time ago, I had serious plans to come here regularly. After all I run a house and a kitchen, and I make food for handfulls of people almost every day.
But life walks her own paths, dancing her own rythm, and now I know better than to say or plan to come here every day. And it doesn't matter, does it :-) If you follow this blog there is laways a long, long list of old posts where you can go, recipes to learn, words to read, photos to enjoy.......posts which will take you to the daily life of a Norwegian kitchen.

It is rhubarb season here. Last week-end my husband and I spent a few days at our cabin, and I played with a new rhubarb soup recipe. It turned out a success, and I made it again today, for Sunday lunch with a sweet foccacia filled with almonds and left over marzipan from a cake I baked yesterday.
Rhubarb Soup with Chilli
10 stalks of rhubarb
one chilli
a handfull of lemon melissa
Cut the rhubarb staks into small pieces, with their skin on (the skin is so red and nice at this time of the year). Boil in water. Remove the seeds from a red chili, cut and add, cut the melisssa leaves. Add everything into the soup and let boil for at least half an hour.
Serve warm or cold, as you like it.