Sunday, October 7, 2007

Back in my own kitchen.

I have been to Venezia for a week, just by myself, digging deeper into this city which has so totally captured my heart. I came home late last night. My husband and youngest daughter picked me up at the airport and when we came home the house smelled deliciously of a cake baked by Marta. I started to unpack and read the waiting mail while Terje disappeared into the kitchen to make a late dinner for the three of us.
Today the kitchen was mine again though, and as a side dish for lunch I transformed three carrots into a stew. Fresh, colourful and tasty. On the menue was chicken and rice, so the carrots made a great addition.

When I am in Venezia I usually stay in a flat with a tiny little kitchen. This means we can cook our own food at least some of the days. Since I was alone this time I didn't feel much up to cooking, so my kitchen muse had a good time today finally cooking again. Luckily I am having all next week off work, so the muse will be busy both here in The House in the Woods and at our cabin.

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BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Britt-Arnhild! DeRuta! This is our most popular selling pattern at our tabletop shop! Have you ever seen DeRuta's huge urns and water fountains? We have been to their showroom in NYC and their ceramics are amazing!