Sunday, October 21, 2007

Visiting Uppsala

I spent three days last week in Uppsala in Sweden, on a seminar on HIV/Aids and Theology. Uppsala is the birth town ofIlva from Lucullian Delights, and when I told her I was going there she pointed out a restaurant I "had to" visit, Hamberg Fisk. Tuesday night we were free to go out and eat by ourselves, and I dragged with me another Norwegian and three Danish friends, telling them that I knew about a wonderful fish restaurant.

The restaurant was small, with just a few tables, and looked like it also was a shop during the day where you could buy fresh fish. As soon as I opened the front door to ask for a table I knew I was at the right place. The fragrance of fish, the anticipation of a fish meal, made my mouth water and my tummy smile.

As I said it was a Tuesday night, and all of us only wanted a main course, so when the menue came that's what we looked for. 6 different main courses were listed, and though Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are quite similar languages, some of the words are very different. We all needed the waiter to explain the different courses for us.

In the end I decided to go for "Tub garnard with potato-`västerbotten`cheese crème and chantarelles"........and the little food elf which is my inner voice was right. Every single bite was a treat for the tastebuds. Tasting even better as it was swallowed with a shared bottle of Argentinian Chardonnay/Malambo Cherin Blanc.

Thanks Ilva, I will ask you agan next time I need your restaurant advice.

You can read more about my visit to Uppsala here.


Ilva said...

I'm so happy you liked the place, I think it's excellent! And you are right, it is a fishmonger daytime. they actually started out by just selling fish, then they started with catering and then they also opened the restaurant!

UP said...

Our daughter K is doing a semester in Chicago, IL. This is part of her college minor "Urban Studies". For her internship she is working at a residential house for children with HIV/AID. She is finding it a challenging, yet rewarding experience.