Thursday, October 25, 2007

My turn today

Today the kitchen was mine again. Terje and I drove together home from work, and both of us went right into the kitchen when we came home to make dinner together. I love togetherness :-)

In the fridge there was some minced meat left over from Ingrid's pizza yesterday. While Terje washed potatos and carrots, I mixed the meat with an egg, some water, potato flour, dried bread crumbs and pepper, made small cakes and fried them in butter - then you have the most traditional Norwegian dish, "kjøttkaker" (meat cakes). And as side dishes - potatos and carrots.

Plain and simple. The Norwegian kitchen at its best. And a small bowl of olives just to give the dinner a touch of Italy.


Junebug said...

It is great to visit other's blogs. I just wish there was more time in a day sometimes. So many nice people in the world.

inspired said...

I like new potatoes basked in butter and mint Mmmmmmmmm :]