Monday, January 26, 2009

Tea time with sick daughters, Santa Sunniva Cookies

None of us got much sleep last night, up in her bedroom in the attic, Marta was coughing badly, down in the basement Ingrid's coughing was even worse. Today they have both been home from school, and as it often is with choughing, it is better in daylight. Fortunately.
Both girls slept long and then they spent the morning planning dinner and starting their own blogs. Marta is an easy learner, so when Ingrid was busy preparing the food, she found the white table cloth I usually use for my food photographing, unwrapped it just like I do, and took series of photos. Both girls are laughing. For years they have teased me for my blogging and for my food photographing, now they are both walking in my footsteps :-)
Not long ago I bought several packets of dates at the grocery store. Left overs from Christmas, still soft and sweet. I love dates, but there certainly is a limit of how many I can eat at a time, so I had to find other ways to use them. Sick daughters are in need of comfort food, even though they feel well enough both to cook and to blog, so I decided to make a plate of cookies. The smell from freshly bakes cookies is always a very good medicine
The dates gave the cookies a very nice, sweet taste, and to make them even better I added some Norwegian Santa Sunniva Liqueur, therefore the name; Santa Sunniva Cookies.

Santa Sunniva Cookies
5dl white flour
1 1/2 dl sugar
200gr salted butter
cut the butter into small pieces and knead the dough together by your hands
add about 20 sliced dates and an egg cup of liqueur
make round cookies
press them down with a fork
bake at 200C for about 15 minutes


My choice of music this time is a little different. Not any of the old classics, but charming Josh Groban with a collection of evergreens. Not a music I listen to every day, but for a cookie baking night it filled the kitchen perfectly :-)


By the way, here is Marta's blog

and here is Ingrid's


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I just love your little teacup and saucer..I sooo want one :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Sorry meant to say Hope your daughters get better very soon, and you all can get some very good sleep!

Anonymous said...

Hope your daughters are feeling better :)..I love reading your blog..Especially the recipes. I am not a big lover of fish but I am determined this year to change that! It is healthier than my love of italian food :) **just ask my hips!!**..Love Light and Blessings Mrs Snow :)

Anonymous said...

OOps sorry hun...I forgot to ask..What flavour is your liquer? Those biscuits look very tempting...the diet will have to wait :o **Hee Hee**
L,L&B Mrs Snow :)