Friday, January 16, 2009

Marinert torsk, marinated cod

I went to the local fishmarket downtown after work yesterday. Down near the harbour the fishmarket has been situated for ages, I remember it from my childhood, though they did a great restauration some years ago. I try to go there at least every second week, and always find temptations. I sometimes make plans for what to buy, or what to look for before I go, more often I go with an open mind, to see what they have, to see what tempts me.

This time my eyes soon found the marinated cod, but it was only a few pieces left. No problem, fishmonger Ketil said, I'll make you some more, and soon I had five good pieces. Ketil grew up in the same neighbourhood as I did, and we always get a good chat when we meet. Mostly fish stories and how to make the best fish dishes.

I baked the cod filets in the oven, 200C for 40 minutes, and served them with small potatoes and a paprika salad.


I have connected music to my food for almost thre weeks now. I would like to hear from my readers what you think of this. Music plays a very important role in my life and it feels natural to combine it to my cooking, and I love to share it with you. Now I am curious to hear your responce.


Susan said...

Britt-can you explain to me what marinated torsk is? Is the fish marinated in a vinegar brine? Then, when you bake it, is it still vinegary in flavor? It is unfamiliar to me. Thanks. Susan

Britt-Arnhild said...

Susan, marinatde torsk means marinated cod. The fish filet was marinated by the fishmonger, I am not sure what he used. Oil, vinegar may be, and some herbs. You can see that the white fish is covered in a green sauce.

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Thanks for the explanation I was also wondering what is marinated torsk.