Monday, January 19, 2009

Pizza with anchovy and aubergine

Fridays are pizza days, and days when we usually eat our dinner late. I still remember when pizza came to my Norway, some time in the mid-70ies. The thick American pizza, rich with melted cheese. It didn't take us long to know that we loved this food, and it soon became something everybody ate. Many, many years l learned about another type of pizza, the thin Italian one, crispy, salty and with a number of toppings I'd never dreamed of. I will never forget my first pizza eaten in Roma. I was there for the first time in my life, it must have been in 2001. The purpose of my trip was studying the diaconia, and at the same time my brother was there with his orchestra and his viola. We met for lunch hour, sat down at a small outdoor café not far from the St.Peter's Cathedral and ordered a pizza. I will never forget the thin salty dream I got, topped with mozarella.
After visiting Intaly several times a year since 2001, I have learned to make alot of different pizzas, and I have learned to make them with whatever I can find in the fridge. Last week I couldn'r resist a fat, tempting aubergine when I was shopping for groceries. The aubergine spent a few days in a basket in the kitchen untill Friday came, and I decided it was time to use it in a pizza. In the fridge I had some leftover anchovy since Christmas and the topping was all set. The result was a perfect crcisp, salt pizza.
pizza with anchovy and aubergine
for the pizza dough:
25g yeast
olive oil
white flour
for the topping:
a sliced aubergine, salted for about an hour
cheese (I used Edamer from Norway)

Andrea Bocelli's music is perfect for pizza.
My choice this time is his Verdi cd where he sings with Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
(let the choice of archestra be my prayer for peace in the Middle East)

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Looks good. I haven't had pizza since being in Italy last year...oh I can just taste it now!!

Amazing what we can remember! I can just picture you now. :-)