Saturday, January 10, 2009

Breakfast with lemon and honey

Saturday morning, the rest of the house is quiet, the sky is pink with the promise of a bright new morning. I got a box in the mail yesterday. I had been away all day, five hours on the train, a long meeting, and was tired when I finally reach home, so I didn't even open the box, just went to bed. But this morning I woke up fresh, and the first thing meeting me was the box. I opened it, and found......a small jar of honey, fresh from Betsy's Fork Creek garden. I opened the box and smelled summer, I made breakfast and tasted summer :-)

Two pieces of homemade bread is my typical breakfast. Usually with black currant marmelade from The Blue Garden, or with brown cheese. Today was a special treat, two pieces of bread with Betsy's very special honey. The perfect darkness. The perfect sweetness. And a cup of tea with lemon.


I had my ipod with me on the train yesterday, and enjoyed Urs Joseph Flury and Concertino Veneziano. Bought on a whim in Venezia a few years ago. played again and again.

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