Sunday, January 4, 2009

Feast means Marta's cupcakes

During the holidays we fill the house with family and friends again and again. After a busy autumn it has been a wonderful time to get back to being social, time for family, time for friends, and also time for solitude, which becomes more and more important for me. Today is Terje's birthday, and again there will be a full house.

A Party in The Blue Café often means cupcakes, Marta's cupcakes, as one of many cakes on the table. Marta loves decorating her cupcakes, she dreams of making her own cake company, inspired by Cakeadoodledo. During the past year she has tried different recipes, and has now found the perfect one for her use in a small book from Cacas, sjokolademuffins. They are sweet, soft and raise just perfect.

It is still Christmas time here in Norway. We celebrate untill the 13th day of Christmas, which is the day of eating the gingerbreadhouse, undecoration the tree and storing away all tracks of Christmas decorations. We still use our Spode Christmas Tree china and I still play my Christmas cds. But as we go back to work and school tomorrow, I am not sorry to have the 13th Day of Christmas here in Tuesday. It will be good to be back to a more regular scedule.

But so far Christmas is still among us, and when we had Terje's birthday breakfast this morning, we were accompanied by Bach and his Christmas Oratorio.



Ilva said...

They are soo pretty-Brava!

Heidi said...

Those look delicious!!! NOw I have another question for you dear, have you ever made premose or pream as my father in law calls it? Its made from sour milk and cooked down till it looks like cottage cheese.....

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How cute!! Love the cup cake stand, haven't seen one of those before. Have a good party. :-)