Friday, January 2, 2009


We are almost snowing in today, except than one never snows in here in Norway. Some days I would love to creep under my duvet and hibernate till spring comes, but that's no option, is it? And I must confess that a white wonderland can be quite fascinating. I took some snow photos through my studio window before 7 this morning, and I will be out taking alot more durring the day. I am no winter girl, but can't close my eyes for this fascinating beauty. We plan to walk over to the Nordic Ski Arena at Granåsen, only 30 minutes to walk from The House in the Woods, later today to watch some ski jumping, but so far the pedestrian road there is not plouged and it will be too much work to fight the snow all the way. Or we can ski may be?

The leftovers from New Year's Eve are almost gone, and here comes the recipe for the remoulade I made for the aspic. As I bought the majonaise, it is a quite simple recipe actually.


2dl majonaise
2dl cream
lemon juice

whip the cream and mix everything
can it be easier :-)


Today's music? Of course I am listening to Vivaldi's winter from Le quattro stagioni.
And of course I listen to the edition where my "little" brother plays the viola.


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your memories, recipes and music. Your change in format is chaming!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Oh how I wish I was there..I love watching ski amazes me how straight they go in the air!!