Saturday, January 17, 2009

Opera and a bread baking day

Once a week I have a bread baking day. Sometimes just the ordinary grain bread we always eat, sometimes I have more time at hand and can bake different types. During the winter these days are perfect to make the house warm, with the cosy smell of fresh bakery.
At our cabin we don't have electrisity and I dream of an outdoor oven where I can bake our breads. The minus with no electricity though is that we don't have a freezer, only a small room in the gas fridge where I could put a couple of breads, but would it be worth warming up a whole bread oven for just two or three breads? Well, my dream is still there, so I'll wait and see what we do with it.
Here at home we have a big fridge, and as long as I bake once a week, there is always room for the extra breads there.

I am not good at following recipes. When making our everyday bread, four pieces of big loaves and 15 small ones, I start with a mixture of differemt types of flour. I add salt, oil, 100gr fresh yeast and 1,8l of water, mix it, and then add white flour untill I have a smooth dough. I let it raise for about an hour, make the breads, let in raise some more and it is ready for baking, 240C for about 15-20 minutes for the small loaves, 220-200C for about one hour for the big ones.

The small baguettes was made of white flour, water, salt, olive oil and fresh yeast. In half of them I added dates, they were so cheep at the grocery store this week, and these baguettes are perfect with cheese.


During my baking days I play opera. Give it a try, opera goes perfect with breadbaking :-)


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Looks goodness you are always so busy! How do you fit everything in. :-)

UP said...

My mother always baked bread. It was rare for us to have store bread. I remember coming home from school to the house smelling of fresh baked bread. After my mother died, my father would always bake bread and rarely had store bread. I also loved to bake bread. I use to knead it by hand however I no longer am able to knead the dough. So I am so thankful that someone came up with bread machines allowing me to still make bread.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Anne - I love cooking and baking, and with a big family there is always food to make :-)

OP - I am glad you still can have homemade fresh bread with the help of a bread machine.