Friday, January 2, 2009

Aspic with eggs, green peas and shrimps

It is breadbaking day here in The Blue Café today. We are still in a holiday mood (will not be back to school and work untill Monday), but I was up early to keep the good rythm. I started the breaddough right after breakfast, so the girls woke up to the smell of fresh bread through the house and could eat some for a late breakfast while it was still warm. I really should make it a new year's resolution to bake all our bread, but I know that in a week or two, or five...... when life is back to it's normal scedule, I will probably be too busy to keep up. Well, anyway we can enjoy it today. And it feels extra good to sit inside a warm, nice Christmas decorated home when the world outside is a totally winter wonderland. It has been snowing heavily for two days and it will keep on snowing untill tomorrow morning. If it stops then I might go out cross country skiing. I'm crossing my fingers.

But this post is not supposed to be about bread, nor about snow, but a recipe from the New Year's Eve buffet. More will come in the following days, but today I'll give you the recipe for aspic. I have no idea what this is called in English, but it is a kind of salt jelly which you can fill with anything you like.

Aspic with eggs, green peas and shrimps

aspic powder
5dl water
5 eggs
one box of green peas
one box of shrimps
mix the aspic powder and the water, stir well while it is heathed to the point og boiling
let it cool

slice the eggs and "decorate" the inside of a breadpan
add the cold liquid, the peas and the shrimps
stay cold over night or for a few hours
serve with remoulade, recipe will come tomorrow.

While baking the breads today, mixing the flour and the water, kneeding the dough, enjoying the smell from the over, I have been sitting down to read Umberto Eco, listening to Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies. Life is good :-)


sukipoet said...

Aspic is also what it is called in English. This is very beautiful, Britt-arnhild. guess it is all gone by now!

Foodista said...

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