Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some thoughts on food

The Newspaper had an article yesterday about the female handballplayers of our local star team Byåsen. To play better, they are now focusing on what they eat, and one of the questions the player got from the interviewer was if they now have changed hamburgers with fish and vegetables. It was almost hard to believe their answers. One of the players laughed and said "Fish, I never eat fish. Well, I remember my father prepared fish from time to time when I was a girl, but......."
Another tale. Marta often has friends here after school, and we always invite them to eat with us. Fish is on the menue here in The Blue Café several times a week, and I remember one meal some years ago. Two young girls were here, but when they heard that I was serving fish, only one of them wanted to eat with us. The other one sat down in the livingroom to wait while we ate. The one "who was brave enough to eat fish" took some bites, loved the taste and then picked up her cell phone to phone home; "Mamma, guess when I am doing! I am eating fish!" I asked her, "Do you never eat fish at home?" "Oh yes," she replied" we eat fried fish sticks from time to time" She smiled and helped herself to a second serving of fresh trout.

I wonder why so many children believe that they don't like fish. And I wonder why so many parents walk the road they believe is the easiest one, a road with pizzas, hamburgers, chips and junk food (I call pizza junkfood because I find many of the readymade ones so, though I love, love, love homemade pizza and serve it at least once a week)

I would love to hear your thouhgts on the fish topic. Do you like fish? How often do you eat it? Do you order fish when you eat at restaurants? How can we help the young generation to eat more fish? Do you have a fish recipe to share?


Music? Schubert's Trout Quintet of course.
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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Britt, we eat fish about once a week , or at least try to. My family all love fish, even the grandchildren. We love fish pie, or baked salmon..!

Christine Tham said...

We eat a lot of fish 5 days out of 7 per week. Cook in different ways but not in a restaurant as it is very expensive.

Anonymous said...

I like eating fish, so does my family. Although we are all concerned about overfishing. So I am very selective as to the varieties of fish we eat.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Anne - I have never made fish pie. Must do that some day......

Christine - Welcome to The Blue Café. Wow, you eat alot of fish.

Anonymous - yes, overfishing with the new, huge factory ships is a problem. I try to buy from smaller, lokal fishermen.