Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Wreath

We have more or less emptied the boxes with Christmas cookie, and I can't say it makes me sad. Christmas cookies are great, but they have their limits, and when mid-January comes I feel that the limit is reached as well.

So when friends announced that they would be coming for coffee Sunday afternoon, I had the perfect excuse to bake a yeast wreath (as if I need an excuse to bake.......)

Marta and I shared the dough between us, she made buns, I made what we in Norway call "klippekrans", which can be translated into a cutted wreath (I use the scissors to cut). All Norwegian children learn to make this in school. Usually the wreath is filled with butter, sugar, cinnamon and raisins. I used marzipan instead of sugar and raisins, as I always have so much left over marzinpan after the creamcakes at this time of the year.

klippekrans / sunday wreath

300gr butter

1l water

75-100gr fresh yeast

2dl sugar

ca 1,5kg white flour


melt the butter, add water and make sure it get a lukewarm temperature

add the yeast and stir rill it kind of melts

mix everything, stir well

rise in warm kitchen for about one hour

make the wreath from half of the dough, buns of the rest, or make two or three wreaths. The one I made rised very well and turned out almost too big

bake in oven, 200C for 25 minutes


The guests have left, the leftover wreath is cut into two pieces and are sleeping in the freezer. Will be as good as fresh later when warmed up in the oven.

I anjoy a tidy, warm, quiet livingroom with Schubert on the cd-player.

There can never be too much Schubert........

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

That looks very tasty..your guests were very lucky..I love reading about your baking, you have wonderful recipes. :-)