Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tomato salad with fresh herbs

Making lunch something special doesn't have to be buying expensive ingredients, spending a long time preparing. The herbs are growing fast in my herbgarden now, and with a few tomatos in the fridge I decided to make lunch, which usually consists of bread here, a little tasty and colourful.
The bread was homemade, which is always a treat. I diced the tomatos and sprinkled chives, oregano and "løpstikke" (lovage?) on top, all fresh from The Blue Garden of course. I had an unopened bottle of spiced extra virgin olive oil which I bought in Prague last year, and it was just perfect for this salad.
The tomatos were eaten with a couple of slices of homebaked bread. The bread was one day old, but as long as the bread is homebaked (in The Blue Café) it still tastes almost fresh from the oven.


Tracy said...

Delicious recipe...Can't wait until our first tomatoes are ready later this summer. Until then will dream of them and eat this recipe! Happy Days! :o)

A wildlife gardener said...

Just perfect, to appreciate the simple and the home-made...and filled with lots of love.