Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A scone for lunch.

Some days are just too busy to cook, even almost too busy to eat. I had one of those days yesterday, with several appointments which I just had to do before coming home being able to make myself some lunch.

Last on my list was the nearest shopping mall. It was long past lunch time and I was hungry. I resisted buying a chocolate though, and instead stopped at the bakery where I bought a fresh scone.

Coming home I ate it with "the world's best cherry marmelade" which my husband made last summer. And a huge mug of Blue Flower te. Often the simplest is the best.


Tracy said...

Tea & a scone...my favorite treat! Will you be sharing the recipe for the cherry marmalade? Love anything with cherries...Happy Days! :o)

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, that looks delicious!