Monday, May 14, 2007

Moose again

If you have followed this blog from the start you know that we eat alot of moose meat in The Blue Café. My uncle is a moose hunter, and every autumn we buy meat from him. We love this rich meat with a taste of wilderness, and being a supporter of ecological sustainability I feel it right to use more of this "wild" meat.

For many years I limited my moose cooking to meat soup or a traditional steak, but now I like to play more in the kitchen, trying new ways to prepare traditional food.
Today I simply fried pieces of meat topped with pepper and oregano in olive oil to give the meat the right colour. Just a few minutes on each side. Then the meat and potatos cut into boats were put in the oven on 200C for an hour. First I sprinkeled the meat richly with chives, rosmarin, lovage, juniperberries and maldon salt. And some of the meat got a blanket of a blue cheese, a new type which I bought at Farmer's Market in town on Saturday.

Yes, this is something we will try again later.


Mouse said...

Good Morning Britt-Arnhild. Is moose meat like reindeer? I've had that in many manifestations during skiing trips to Finland...

Ardi said...

I love moose meat! I had a neighbor when I was a single Mom and he was an older guy who shared with all the rest of us neighbors who lived in the apartment complex. He had a friend who's wife was "the best cook in the State" and she said if you marinade the moose meat in beer for an hour or two, it takes the wild taste out. It was true. He also shared caribou (from an Alaska hunting trip), frogs legs and bear meat (the only thing he ever shared that I didn't like). Your meal looks heavenly.

Star said...

There is much to be said for creativity in the kitchen. While familiar recipes are nice to anchor our menus, shaking it up a bit keeps the boredom at bay and gives us a chance to hone our skills!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Mouse - moos is a kind of elk, so different from a reindeer

Ardi - that's something I'll have to try :-)

Star - I love to play in the kitchen