Sunday, May 13, 2007

Photos for my book

Yes, you have already seen this photo. A fruit salad on the Italian plate I bought in Assissi some years ago. I do have alot of new recipes and food talk waiting to be posted, and I will eventually. But right now I am so busy gathering photos for my book. My deadline to send photos is next Sunday, the same day as I travel over to England and The Holy Island of Lindisfarne to start the preparations for what can be another books.
The book about Lent and Lental traditions will be in Norwegian only (sorry English speaking readers). One of the chapters is a rainbow calendar and in this chapter I have recipes for all the colours in the rainbow. At has been alot of fun to work it all out, but I can tell you it has also been ALOT of work.
The book, which title can be translated to something like "40 Days - from Carnival till Easter Rise" will be printed in August, ready in time for the Christmas sales.

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Mouse said...

Britt-Arnhild. If you ever decide to publish the book in English I would be happy to act as a proof-reader for the language