Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fishing pollock

Earlier today I told about our "gone fishing" Saturday night over in my House in the Woods. We got six pollock, and the other day it was time to make a dinner out of them.

While I made a cold potatosalad and a green salad fresh from the herb and vegetable garden, Terje braised the fish. He always make braised fish taste like some pieces from heaven. I don't know how he does it, I have tried and tried, but never get the same wonderful, spicy taste as Terje does. I believe he has learned the secret from his father :-)

If you are a regular reader of my foodblog you know that we love fish in The Blue Café. And when the fish is selffished and prepared by Terje - nothing can beat it!


Ardi said...

Made me hungry to read about your fish feed! We love fish here and eat a lot of it. Right now Copper River Salmon is in the markets - this is a marketing ploy though, according to our son's neighbor who fishes for a living. They charge the moon and people pay it. We are happy to wait until he's back from Alaska and buy our fish from him. The rest we buy at the local market. Looked like a lovely dinner.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

That looks sooo tasty, Britt-Arnhild! Do you have bluefish out your way? It is an ocean fish that you generally have to deep-sea fish for. It is relatively inexpensive here and many don't like it as it is rather oily. I just marinate it in a vinegar dressing which cuts through the oil and it tastes YUM! It is a nice change from our regular haddock and cod.

AnnieElf said...

I'm fascinated by the appearance of the fish. Is it serve warm or cold?

Gumbo Lily said...

It looks delicious! There's nothing like fresh-caught fish. What a nice atmosphere to dine in too!