Sunday, June 3, 2007

cucumber salad

It is not my intention to ignore The Blue Café, but life the last weeks have been really busy. I have been travelling quite alot, I am busy at work, and when wonderful summer weather came a few days ago the garden is calling my name, loud and clear.

There is still always food to prepare though, and I stick to my slow food philosophy, trying to buy as little ready made (fast food) as possible. And now, with the herbgarden bursting with fresh herbs in a choir of sweet fragrances, it is so much fun to make healthy food.

With fried fish, like the pollock we had the other day, I make a cocumber salad which we all love. I have learned to make alot, and when the meal is over there is never any leftovers.

I make a fluid of vinegar (made last autumn with herbs from The Blue Garden), water, olive oil and (alot) of sugar. Then I add chopped herbs "of the day", the one in the photo has chives. One or two cucumbers are peeled and cut into very thing slices using the Norwegian invention "osthøvel". Cover the cucumber slices in the vinegar and let it rest some minutes before eating.

It is perfect with fish and potatos and a little (or alot) of sour cream/rømme.


see you there! said...

Cucumber salad is one of our favorites too. DH grows a kind of *cuke* that is long and thin with few seeds. I can't wait until they are ready to pick this summer.

I've learned a new fact about cheese slicers too.


Tracy said...

Must have ostehøvel to make cucumber salad! And this salad is a summer favorite at our house--yum! Happy Eating! :o)

Gumbo Lily said...

Simple and good food.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I make cucumber salad all the time! I pulled up the Wikipedia link you gave, and I have the VERY SAME cheese slicer they show in the first photo! I think that you and anyone else from Europe would feel so at home at our cookshop, as MANY of the gadgets we have my hubby has sourced out in Europe. =)