Saturday, June 9, 2007

A snack in the Blues.

I had a very early lunch in town with Marta, and we plan to have a late dinner out in the Nordic summer-light garden. Around 5pm I was starving, and I decided to make myself a little snack.
The ruccola salad is ripening in the herbgarden, and I picked the first leaves to eat. In the fidge I had some cherry tomatoes and a mozzarella cheese, and I also had a piece of old and dry bread which I toasted.

I filled a small ceramic bowl with extra virgin olive oil, filled a glass with tapped water and a piece of lime. And filled another glass (bought in Prague last summer) with some Italian white wine.

I carried it all out in the Blue Garden, and the afternoon hour was mine. Accompanied by a Gertrude Jekyll garden book - but that will be the theme for tomorrow's Booktalk on a Sunday in my House in the Woods.


risa said...

that snack sounds heavenly! yesterday, i made myself a simple tomato salad with some fresh herbs and balsamic vinegar. i could go for another one right now!

see you there! said...

Looks delicious and presented in such an attractive way.

I can't wait for our tomatoes to ripen, the ones in the markets have no flavor.


Laura said...

The care you take with a snack for just yourself is an inspiration to me. When alone, I often grab healthy things, but I do not take the time to make them beautiful and to savor them.