Friday, June 15, 2007

Cold pasta salad

It is time for summer parties and end of term parties. This afternoon Marta's soccer team will have a barbeque potluck party. Terje will go with her, I am going to celebrate that it is 30 years since I finished High School.

I am making a cold pasta salad to send with them to the party. The herbgarden is growing so fast these days, and we are feasting on herbs at every meal now.

With the cold pasta I mix leeks, tomatoes, green iceberg salad and a good collection of fresh chopped herbs. Then I added olive oil and Maldon salt. A simple and perfect meal which can be eaten alone, or with meat and sausages from the grill.


Star said...

This just makes my mouth water! Yumm!!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Stunning photograph and wow I have to try this...!
Blue xo

Tracy said...

OH, that looks good..pasta salad--very summery! :o)