Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cream for Celebration

May 17 is the birthday of Norway with celebrations all over the country from early morning. We have a traditional dinner which I will blog about later, but I thought you might enjoy this sweet dessert. The dessert, which I call Angel Cream is originally for my Lent book and the indigo week in the Rainbow Calendar.

Whipe cream with a little sugar. Catherine Mary asked about the translation of 2 dl cream in my last blog. 2 dl (deciliters) is 2/10 of one liter (how much is that in the American measure?), and cream, well, that's the thickest part of the milk, what you skim off the top of the milk when it's fresh. That's the best translation I have. Can anybody help me with a better one?

Back to the angel cream. Fill whiped cream in a glass, I couldn't resist using my new rose cup for the book photograph. Top with rice (do you call it puffed rice?) and blueberries. And a little sugar if you want it sweeter. Happy May 17. Nice to have you celebration with us.


Ilva said...

Glad sjuttonde Maj på er med! Ha det så trevligt!

Catherine Mary said...

Thank you for the tip about "dl". I'll be able to figure it out now.

Ardi said...

I went to the cooking conversion site and found that 2 deciliters is 6.7 liquid ounces (U.S.) Hope that's right.

Star said...

This does look heavenly. I'd have never thought to combine puffed rice with whipped cream, but combined with the blueberries is sounds really delicious.

Agnes said...

I think 2 dl amounts to 200 ml or about three quarters of a cup in our measure. Almost everybody in North America uses homogenized milk, so we no longer see the cream rise to the top, but I think whipping cream would be about right, as I seem to remember that the top of the milk was quite thick. The recipe looks delicious.

Merisi said...

2 deciliters (dl) = 200 mililiters (ml) = 7 American liquid ounces, minus 1 teaspon (7 oz. minus 1 tsp).

10 dl = 1000 mililiters = 1 liter

Closest to European cream comes the American heavy or whipping cream that has 36 % fat. It is my experience, that the American Organic brands usually whip better than the commercial ones (they also do have some of the cream that rising to the top).

Hope this is of some help (I love the American measuring system with cups and spoons *g*),

Cris said...

Hum, that looks delicious!!!