Sunday, May 6, 2007

Coffee in Garden

Finally a mild day with a little sun after weeks with cold weather. Perfect for us that it happens on a Sunday. We had breakfast indoors, but then I went out in the garden and have been out for hours just enjoying the colours, the fragrants, birds and squirrels busy playing, and looking through a few gardenbooks. We are invited to a birthday party with dinner later today, and I decided I just wanted to make a very siple lunch. And to celebrate the nice weather I decided to make a Foccacia Dolce.
Ilva introduced me to her simple and tasty foccacia a few months ago, and when I started this blog, a foccacia was one of the first thigs I blogged about

The one I made today was very easy to make. 25g yeast, a little salt and sugar. Let the yeast melt in the salt/sugar and add 3dl fingerwarm water and about 5 dl flour. Let the dough raise for about 45 minutes. Paint (?) a tin with olive oil, spread the dough in the tin and sprinkle walnuts, sugar and olive oil on top. Marta doesn't like walnuts, so part of my foccaca is with only sugar and olive oil.
Let raise some more and bake in oven, 225C for ca 25 minutes.

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see you there! said...

You inspired me this morning. My foccacia is in the oven right now. Mine is a savory one not a sweet one tho.

Thanks for giving me a nudge to bake today.