Monday, April 30, 2007

Nettle soup.

The nettles are growing steadily though the weather here in Norway is still quite cold. Terje was out to remove all he saw the other day, but before he started his work I was there before home, with garden gloves on, saving a few for a nettle soup.

The soup was easily made. I gave the nettles a short boil and while waiting I made the base for the soup melting butter, mixing in some white wheat flour and adding a little milk and salted water from the boiling nettles. After the nettels had boiled for a few minutes I sliced thwm and added them to the soup. Then added more salt, some pepper and some nutmeg.

The left over water from the boiling of the nettles was used to water the tomatoplants. Nettles is known to be good for arthritis.

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Mouse said...

nettles (boiled and cooled) also make an excellent hair tonic

and if you could bear to leave a patch growing in your garden they provide food and shelter for more caterpillars than any other plant so your garden will soon be full of butterflies...