Friday, April 20, 2007

Yoghurt Blues.

Seems like both my flu and old Mother Winter have the same resistance. I am up from the bed but with very little of my normal energy to dance the days, though looking out the window my eyes meet dancing snowflakes which do their best to cover the tiny little plants finding their way from the newly frozen soil.

When I need some kitchen inspiration, my favorite place to go it over til Ilva at Lucullian Delights. The other day she posted a healthy yoghurt spiced with honey and puffed quinoa. I have never heard of quinoa, so I couldn't exactly copy Ilva's yoghurt. But it made me see that I could make my own, not just buying premade fruitflavored yoghurt at the grocery store.
I sent my oldest daughter out shopping, though she was quite hesistant:
"Plain yoghurt, you mean with vanilla?"
"No, I mean plain, just plain."
"Vanilla is the plainest yoghurt I have heard about mum....."
"Well, take a look in the shelves then, and see what you get!"

She came home with a perfectly PLAIN yoghurt, a mango and some dark chocolate. And from that I made a wonderful mango and chocolate yoghurt just in time for Marta when she came home from school.

Why is it that I have never flovoured my own yoghurt before? Thanks Ilva for the inspiration.


Ilva said...

You are welcome, I'm happy that I have inspired you onto new paths!

Tracy said...

Hope you're feeling better (HUGS)
Flavored yoghurt is wonderful! Not the stuff in the supermarkets, of course, but plain, natural yoghurt is like a fresh canvas--the possibilities are endless, and delicious!

see you there! said...

Yum! Now you need to make some "yogurt cheese". If you haven't tried it, it is somewhat like a cream cheese and can be flavored with all kinds of herbs.
DH makes ours - "e" me if you want the method/recipe.


susanna said...

Ooh...that looks yummy! I hope you feel better soon, Britt Arnhild.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Ilva - ever since I started my food blog you have been my inspiration.

Tracy - I still have alot to try out here :-)

Darla - yea, please send me the instructions for yoghurt cheese. I would love to try that

Susanna - still need a couple of days at home, but that's okay now when it's week-end.

AnnieElf said...

Take care, Britt. And there is nothing like good plain yogurt.