Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bread with variations.

After I started food blogging I give myself new challenges all the time. In planning what to eat, in preparing the food, and may be most of all taking care when it comes to the photographing. It is so much fun finding the right china and tablecloths to fit my food. The plate I use today, I bought in Assissi some years ago. It is a single one, so when I prepared bread with marinated herring for me and Terje for lunch today, I served the bread on two different plates. I got the Assissi one, Terje got the one with "thank you"-written in alot of different languages. Both of them were perfect with the bread :-)
Bread plays an important part in the Norwegian kitchen. I used to bake most of ours, but lately my work has kept me too busy for that. But I am on my way back to the kitchen more and more, and nothing can be compared to the homemade ones. Today is Saturday, and the only things we have planned for the day is gardening and playing in the kitchen. So I knew it when I woke up this morning that I wanted to bake bread.

I don't have a specific recipe for my baking - 1,8 liter finger warm water, 50g yeast, different types of flour (not too dark), olive oil, salt, and today I added sunflower seeds. The piece of bread on the photo is with a thin layer of salted butter, sliced hardboiled egg, marinated herring (ready bought) and sprinkled with fresh chives from the garden. Both Terje and I had been out gardening, so each of us had three pieces of bread :-)

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