Monday, April 23, 2007

The first rhubarb

As I wrote about in The Blue Garden yesterday, spring is earoly here this year. Even though I posted some snowphotos from the garden a couple of days ago. Yesterday, Sunday, we were invited to my parents for dinner. We had coffee in church and didn't feel for a heavy lunch when we came home. But seeing the first rhuburb come up in the herbgarden, tempted me to make the first rhuburb porridge of the year;
Rhuburb porridge with yoghurt
I cut a few stalks of rhuburb and boiled them in water and sugar. The stalks were so tiny they needed boiling for just a few minutes. I took the pot away from the heat and added "potetmel" (sorry, I can't find an English name for this floour made of potato starch?) stirred in cold water. I stirred the porridge, put it back on the heat till it almost started to boil, and........finished.
Before eating I topped it with a couple of teaspoons with plain yoghurt, left over from the other day.


Tracy said...

Looking forward to the first stalks of rhubarb too--must try your recipe! Or maybe I could use some I have frozen? I'm sort of new to cooking with rhubarb--LOL!("Potetmel" in English would be cornflour or cornstarch.)

marja-leena said...

Hi, I've wandered here from Mouse in France and have been getting happily lost in your many warm blogs. This one stopped me in my tracks, after talking about rhubarb with B. I'm Finnish (in Canada) and one of our favourite Finnish desserts is "kiisseli". You have made rhubarb kiisseli using potato flour as it's called here!