Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sole fruitsalad.

Home alone a Saturday night. I can't remember last time that happened. Marta is spending the week-end with a cousin at my parents house, Ingrid is out with friends and Terje are celebrating the 50th birthday of a good friend. I was also invited of course, but with the aftermath of the flu I decided it would be best for me to stay at home - with my operas, with my books, with my writing, and with something good to eat.

Usually, when all of us are at home on Saturdays, we (i.e. I) make a nice family dinner in the night. I didn't feel for a dinner alone today (though I love to cook for just one), so I decided to make a fruit salad.

Sole fruitsalad

Dice one orange, one banana, a pear and a few green grapes. Whipe cream with a little sugar and mix it all together. Top the salad with chocolate and the first fresh mint leaves from the garden.

Eat the salad while enjoying Händel's Rinaldo.

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