Friday, April 27, 2007

Are fishballs boring?

Since my childhood fishballs have been on the menue for dinner. "Fiskeboller i hvit saus" - fishballs in white sauce. It sounds so boring, and is traditinally often made quite colourless. It is a cheap dish though, it is healthy and in many way quite tasty. Especially if you take care and use some fantasy when you make it.
I like to make the old traditional dishes in The Blue Café, and when I found that the fishballs were on sale today it was easy to go for them.

They are served in a white sauce made by butter, flour and milk, salt, pepper and curry. And I also added spring onions and chives. The chives in the garden are growing fast now, and i love to use them generously.

To give some extra taste to the dish, I added shrimps together with the fishballs in the white sauce.
Traditional side dishes are potatos and carrots with sugar, lemon and raisins.

No! Fishballs are not boring!

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Ilva said...

I LOVE fiskbullar! I always eat that when I go back to Sweden!