Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sweet pastry comfort food, kringle.

As long as I have yeast in the fridge, I always prefere fresh yeast to dried though I have a couple of packets of dry yeast in the cupboard for emergency, my day is okay. Sweet pastries, breads, croissants.....the variations of goodies to bake are endless. As I have written about before, January is very much a month of leftovers after Christmas in our home, and in the fridge I had several small containers filled with marzipan leftovers after all the cream cakes I made during the season. Small pieces of marzipan can be eaten as treats, but not too much, bombs of calories as they are. My solution was a marzipan filled pastry, in Norwegian called Kringle or Klippekrans. Krans means wreath, klippe is cut with scissors.

Kringle or Klippekrans.
5 dl milk
50g yeast
150gr butter
1dl sugar
ca 1,3l flour
Mix the yeast with the sugar in the baking bowl (I love to bake in my old Egersund fajanse bowl) and let it melt. Melt the butter and mix with milk, let the mixture be fingerwarm before you add it to the yeast and sugar. Add flour and knead till the dough is smooth. Let is rest under a cover till doubble size.

Bake out and form a kringle/wreath. This is difficult for me to explain in English - what about some Norwegian :-) Well, knead out a flat long retangle and fill with bitter, cinnamon and marzipan, roll together and form a circle, cut and form the "klippekrans" as seen on photos.
Bake in oven at 200C for about 25-30 minutes. Best eaten hot from oven, leftovers, if any, can be frozen.


Star said...

Oh, my, this looks and sounds delicious! Our weather has been quite cold and windy the last few days; this would really hit the spot. :D

see you there! said...

Now that's the way to start a Monday morning if you ask me.

Sheila said...

Please save a slice for me...marzipan is a big faviourite..!