Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chicken with orange and honey.

I often have different periods with different favorite dishes in The Blue Café, and right now chicken has high priority. And with that I want to try new recipes. Like so many other lovers of foodmaking I have a huge collection of cookbooks, and looking through a few of them I found a recipe I wanted to try;
Chicken in honey and orange sauce.
I needed chicken filet, olive oil, onions, salt, paprika, pepper, orangejuice, honey, lemon juice, ginger, nutmeg.
Fry the chicken in the olive oil for about 15 minutes. Put the chicken in an ovenproof tin together with the onion which is cut into rings, spread the spices on top and then the juice and honey.
Roast at 200C for about 45 min.
We ate the chicken with rice decorated with slices of oranges.


see you there! said...

We cook a lot of chicken too and this combination of flavors sounds good.

Is that a little angel image I see in that top orange slice or do I need to put my glasses on?

Star said...

I, too, saw an angel in your orange.

Your meals are so creative. Growing up in a farming family, we had basic meat and potato meals most days. We did not have a gread deal of variety, but the food was always delicious (or almost always--I remember liver and onions that did not go over well with anyone in our family!).

Thank you for sharing your talents with us here.

Sheila said...

The photographer that finds hearts in puddles, will certainly find angels in oranges..!
This dish looks delicious, I like citrus with poultry, it is a nice combination.

Anonymous said...

This sounds and looks so delicious! I think I will try it.