Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Going nuts.....

Last Christmas I started a Nutcracker collection. I was reading The Nutcracker, and in my blog I wrote about my wish to have one or more of these charming erect uniformed men. The blog world is amazing, and a few weeks after I wrote my blog, three Nutcracker had found their way to my House in the Woods.
Together with this collection I have another very special nutcracker though, a bird (is it a swan?), made by my father in law some years ago. Quite a charmeur this swan, isn't he:-).
Well, Christmas is over, but there were still nuts left. I usually bring all the leftovers out to the bird feeder where the squirrels will find them. But before doing so this year I decided to make a Foccacia Dolce using a recipe I've found in Ilva's food blog. I had never tasted a foccacia dolce before, but was eager to try. And believe me. This one was really worth "going nuts" for.
You'll find the recipe for Foccacia Dolce con Mandorle over in Ilva's beautiful food blog.
Blogging here at the new blogger/blogspot is still quite new to me, and it behave different from typepad. One of the things I've discovered is that I usually don't get your e-mail addresses when I get your comment in my mailbox. At Britt-Arnhild's House in the Woods I try to respond to most of the comments I get, by writing an e-mail back, but this is almost impossible here. What I will do instead is to come back to the special "comment box" here from time to time to give responses.
A couple of you have asked about the recipe for yesterday's ice-cake. I don't have it at hand right now, but will see if I can come back to it later.
Happy cooking and eating.


Star said...

This looks so good. I checked out the recipe link and the texture in her photo makes me want to run right home and make this (as a matter of fact, I was eating my morning snack of yogurt and almonds while reading your post).

As I think I've mentioned, I make bread with a breadmaker (I have carpal tunnel syndrome and don't relish the thought of kneading). Do you think it would work to allow the breadmaker to do the kneading, or is the dough too wet? And if so, how long to you think the kneading process would take by hand?

I know what you mean about the lack of e-mail addresses; I think we used to get addresses with the old blogger but not with the beta blogger. Not an improvement in my book. So I'll check back for more of your wisdom :-)

Marie-Noëlle said...

Britt Arnhild
Your father-in-law is awfully skilful !!! Wood cannot resist him...
He IS a crack !
'bless him !!!

Ivonne said...

Isn't Ilva's blog wonderful! Good luck with the food blog!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Star - I don't have much experience with a bread machine, but I can't think that the dough is too wet. It is perfect to knead with your fingers without sticking :-) By hand I knead only for a couple of minutes, not hard at all, soft and sweet.

Marie_Noëlle, yes he is very skilful. And one of the best I know in the kitchen as well.

Thanks Ivonne. Your blog is a wonderful food retreat as well ;-)

paris parfait said...

Love the idea of a nutcracker collection! Lovely piece. And in France, there are so many boulangeries and really good bread around, we don't bother making bread.

ardi said...

I just adore your nutcracker and what a sweet gift for him to make you. Was this one the one that started your collection?