Sunday, January 7, 2007

Potatos, always potatos.

Here in Norway potatos have always played an important part in the kitchen. When I was a girl there was hardly a dinner without a casserole with boiled potatos. Nowadays pasta, spaghetti and rice are becoming more and more popular, but potatos still play an important role in my kitchen.

Christmas is over and the freezer, the fridge and the coldroom in the basement are filled with leftovers, calling for my creativity to make new meals. A challenge I can't resist. Yesterday it was time for leftovers from the New Year's turkey, and I decided to make a dish with potatos baked in cream and cheese.

Cream and cheese potatos.
8 potatos, peeled and sliced
Pieces of sliced onion and celery

Cover with a mixture of cream and milk. Bake in oven, 225C for half an hour. Cover the dish with cheese and bake for another 20 minutes.


Anonymous said...

hi Britt - yes we cook these here too at home, with cream. Mainly in winter as summer gets too hot to eat that type of food and it gets too hot in the kitchne to put the gas oven on for too long.

looks yum to me! Glad you launched the blue cafe, I may have to come here for a few ideas!
twnkrissie - fellow armchair traveller!

Star said...

What a wonderful idea. Your recipes always sound delicious and you photograph your dishes so well that they make me hungry just by looking.

tut-tut said...

I'll be a steady customer!

Linda said...

I think potatoes are my favorite vegetable. I like them anyway they can be cooked. I discovered that blue cheese tastes great with them this summer-not too much as it can be very strong in taste. I maked stuffed potatoes and add some blue cheese. My, were they good.

meredith said...

I like to cook and will be adding this blog to my food blog list.

ilva said...

I posted a potato recipe today too! Nice to see that you have become a food blogger!

Britt-Arnhild said...


ardi said...

I love this, Britt-Arnhild. Could you please post oven temps also in F? Phil's brother and his wife are coming through here on their way to a month in Oregon and I'll definitely be trying this while they're here. Thanks.