Saturday, January 13, 2007

I've been travelling.

When I started this food blog I was hoping that I could post every day. What I forgot then though was that my life is often very busy with travels, and during many of my travels I don't have my laptop with me.

I have been away for two days now, with no time for cooking and no time for blogging. But now matter how busy you are you have to eat, and herb marinated salmon, vegetables, a sweet and sour cucumber salad and a heavenly white sauce is worth travelling for:-)

I got mine at the small island of Tautra in the Trondheim Fjord where I spent Friday. I am planning a seminar there in June, and went there with two colleagues to do some planning. After dark and wet days the weather god gave us a perfect, low winter sun, and the earth covered in a thin film of snow. Tautra has a monastery with Cicterciencer nuns, and I am going back there in a week to stay for five days. Will be living in the monastery's guesthouse, following their prayers, walk, read and write.


Star said...

Your five-day stay in the monastery guest house sounds like the perfect time for quiet reflection and restoration as you complete your research. I'm sure you'll return with much to share.

Sheila said...

This salmon looks and no doubt tastes delicious Britt.
I envy you your retreat to the monastery, I have always drawn strength from solitude.