Monday, January 8, 2007

January is for leftovers.

January is the big leftover month. A month when we can live cheep on what we already have in stock, and save our money for the travels we dream about taking later in the year - Venice in April, Rome/Terracina in July.
I didn't use all the turkey yesterday, so when I came home from work today I cooked some pasta and made a cold turkey salad. A turkey salad can contain alot of different ingredients, use what you have and mix it with your creativity. Mine consists of turkey, cold pasta, celery, cucumber, an apple, green salad, salt ( I still have some left from what I bought in Malta the summer of 2005) and good virgin olive oil - my favorite for the moment is the French D&CO.
Serve the salad in an antique "Egersund fajanse" bowl, use some nice dinner plates (always treat yourself good on a Monday), fry some "day old" bread in olive oil, and drink alot of fresh water. Enjoy a perfect dark Monday in January meal!


paris parfait said...

I'm very hungry now - luckily my husband is in the kitchen cooking dinner. But I'd love to be in the Blue Cafe! Congrats on your new blog!

Anonymous said...

I plan to enjoy my lunch break at "The Blue Cafe" every day! Thank you, Britt-Arnhild!

Star said...

I'm still stuck on your wonderful bread--it looks sooo gooood! Warm bread in winter just can't be beat.

see you there! said...

Had to stop by and see what's for dinner.

Is our little chef going to be featured at the Blue Cafe? Hope so!


Jeanne said...

Your posts make me sooooooo hungry
Love them all.
Love Jeanne

cruststation said...

Oh my, you have left-overs? I am feeling very hungry after looking at this, too delcious for words :) Love food-blogs -eye-candy for the stomach.