Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Christmas is officially over.

Today is the day we undecorate Christmas in The Blue Cafè and in my House in the Woods. Officially we should have done it the 12th Day of Christmas, on Epiphany, which was on Saturday. But we had guests both Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so for us it has to be today.

The last Christmas cake I am making this holiday season is an icecake, still only with leftovers of course:-). I crunch some Christmas cookies and spread them in the bottom of a Spode Christmas Tree bowl, then I make the cake using eggs, sugar, cream cheese, an orange and whiped cream.

The cake will have to spend the night in the freezer, and oh, la la, the next day you have the most yummy dessert. And Christmas is all dreams and good memories to live on untill next year.


Laura said...

What are cours?

Whatever they are, the final product looks delicious.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hi Laura. It was my typing :-) I meant to write "of course".

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hi Britt-Arnhild, That looks so good! It looks like some deserts I had during a visit to Germany and never got the recipe for (much to my regret) and I would so much like to make this recipe of yours. For us novices here though, could you offer the approximate proportions of the ingredients? I know you are an experienced cook so tend more to eyeball it, but when you havent been raised with cooking and its new to you like some of us, knowing the proportions is pretty important.

That being mentioned, well...I'm really loving this blog so far: )

Blessed Week, and Blessed Year : ) Wendy

Star said...

Sounds rich and sweet. I predict it will be a hit. Your head must be filled with hundreds of recipes ;-)