Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Breadbaking Days.

The Blue Café has breadmaking day at least once a week. Bread is an important part of the Norwegian diet, bread for breakfast, bread for "matpakke"-lunch and bread for supper, so one breadmaking day a week is not enough for the bread we need. Which means we have to buy bread as well. But nothing tastes like fresh, homemade bread, especially when it is strill hot from the oven, the crust crisp.
The recipe I use is something which is inherited in my Norwegian stubborn genes I think, it is written only in my mind. For 4 big breads and 15-20 small ones I use 1,8liter fingerwarm water, and as mucg flour as needed to get the right consistence on the dough, 2 packets of 50g fresh years, salt and "some" oil.

Yesterday I made 4 breads and 15 small rolls as usual, the rolls just disappeared during supper - enjoyed lukewarm with butter and brown cheese or honet, the first bread during breakfast this morning.


Star said...

Yum! You just can't beat fresh bread.

Maybe someday I'll be able to cook and bake by the "until it looks/feels right" method ;-)

Tracy said...

I can almost smell the goodness...Happy Days! :o)