Saturday, December 1, 2007

A warm sandwich

In connection with my work I had invited a group of people for lunch yesterday. We ate in a private home, the owner has a catering business and you can choose if you want the food brought to you or if you want to come to her home. I have been there several times and love the cosy atmosphere. Her dark homemade bread is the best bread I know, and when we had finished the lunch I was able to buy one to take home with me. Terje was having dinner with colleages last night, Marta had been to the lunch with me (school was off) and Ingrid was out with friends. So I decided since Marta and I already had eaten such a big lunch we didn't need any dinner. But I knew I wanted a piece of Unni's bread, and decided to make a kind of ratatoille for it. I braised squash, carrots and red onion in virgin olive oil for about 15 minutes, sprinkeled with some salt while braising. Instead of butter I covered the bread with a thin layer of blue cheese before adding the vegetables. A simple and healthy dish which I enjoyed while writing my advent party blog post.

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