Monday, December 17, 2007

Never too much chocolate

Our Christmas preparations go on. I should have spent all aftenoon today writing cards and letters, but first I wanted to create some nice smell in the house to set us all in the right pre Christmas mood. I have a sweeth tooth and can always manage one more chocolate, and of course nothing tastes like some home made ones. I wish I could teach you all some Norwegian today, as I am not sure if I have an English name for all the ingredients needed to make these rice balls. But I will try :-)
Puffed rice balls
300g dark chocolate
4tbsp dark coffee
250g coconut oil
2 eggs
3tbsp sugar
puffed rice
Melt the chocolate in the coffee. remove from the heat and add the coconut oil, let it melt. Mix egg and sugar and add to the chocolate.
Add puffed rice
Form the chocolate covered rice till balls.
Can you understand my recipe?

When I made coffee for the rice balls I mad a whole pot, and in the mail today I got the December issue of Food and Travel. Letters will have to wait.


Gudl said...

mmm, mmm, good!

see you there! said...

Home made chocolates, a fresh pot of coffee and a new magazine? Sounds like the recipe for a great afternoon to me.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Gudl - and they are just as good as they look :-)

Darla - advent is for great afternoons.....