Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cucumber salad

When Torgeir phoned us from Australia before starting his very long flight home to Norway, I asked him what he wanted me to make for the homecoming dinner. I was so sure he would say taco, I almost didn't ask. And yes, without hesitation that's what he said. But then he continued: No Mam, wait a second, I think I will have something more typical Norwegian, what about salmon?

Salmon suited me perfectly, and being a lover of traditions I must confess that I rather go for salmon than taco, which is not Norwegian at all, but a dish our kids have loved for years :-)

More about braised salmon or braised trot, which I make the same way, can be read here, so what I will do here today is to post a recipe for our cucumber salad.

Cucumber salad the Blue Café way
peel two cucumbers and slice them into very thin slices (I use a traditional "ostehøvel"
mix vinegar and olive oil with a little salt and quite alot of suger to get the bitter sweet tast

pour the fluid over the cucumber slices
perfect with creme fraiche
served to many of our fish dishes

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